Karczs Garden and Greenhouse

We are committed to providing the finest quality of products with an even finer quality of service.

Hanging Flower Baskets

For all occasions!
We offer hanging baskets to suit both sunny and shady areas.

Custom Flower and Plant Baskets

For unique gifts and seasonal decor.
We will plant custom-made pots and baskets.

Sunny Plants

We’ll help you find plants that are perfect for your full-sun gardens and planters.

Shady Plants

Is your yard or planting area shady most of the day? We have a great selection of partial-sun plants for you.

Vegetable and Herb Plants

Start growing your own food! We have a wide range of vegetable and herb plants. Come look today!

Farmer’s Market

We can also be found at the Downtown Green Bay Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (open 7am until noon) from late May through the end of October. Additional details on the Farmers Market can be found at . We can also be found at the Market on Military on Thursday afternoons (open 3pm to 7pm) from mid-June through the end of October.  Additional details about the Market on Military can be found at